We sell handmade professional hair cutting shears and thinners at affordable prices.

It’s difficult for hairdressers and barbers to find quality shears and thinners at affordable prices, and branded shears and thinners are very expensive.

For generations, master craftsmen in Pakistan have been manufacturing diverse stainless steel products, among them, hairdressing shears, thinners, and razors. Our brand of shears is honored to represent the arduous effort and meticulous discipline of these Pakistani hand-craftsmen.

We have partnered with two scissor and thinner manufacturers, affording us the opportunity to obtain products at very affordable prices. They create products for our brand with top quality Japanese Stainless Steel; a process that is directly overseen by  two ShearStore representatives that supervise the manufacturing from A to Z and ensure quality assurance. We price these scissors very affordably so hairstylists can own the quantity and quality products they need without breaking the bank.

Shearstrore’s Choice Japanese Stainless Steel and Cutting Tools Our shears are handmade, in Japanese Stainless Steel, which is well known for its durability in sharpness and performance. There are several grades of Japanese steel and a variety of making processes and alloys that make each grade a little different. Our preferred choice of steel for our scissors is the premium steel, 440C, Rockwell 58-60 (A measure of steel quality that allows for an excellent balance between hardness and sharpness while offering excellent corrosion/rust resistance.).

Shearstore.com offers diverse ergonomic designs, exceptional craftsmanship and premium finishes that result in excellent cutting quality and ease of use. Our line offers a variety of options to bring about your best cuts: point cutting, layering, sliding, serrating, and other techniques. We offer, the following blade styles:

  • Razor Edge / Beveled Blades
  • Convex Edge Blades
  • Thinners, Blenders, and Texturizers
  • Barber Razors (coming soon)

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.